Cabin life in Norway: how to take inspiration for your home quarantine

Easter is a sacred time in the whole of Scandinavia but especially in Norway! You know why?

It’s one of the times in the year that most Norwegians most look forward to. Really! Easter is the intro to spring. But hey, isn’t Norway still cold and snowy in April? The answer is YES. But um, Norwegians love it. And they love their hytte the most.

A hytte is a cabin, deep in Norwegian nature, with minimal comforts. Luxuries excluded. It is how they like to spend time there that makes their Easter holidays in the cabins so unique. And part of their culture and heritage.

In a time where millions of people find themselves stuck at home, let’s take some inspiration and do it like the Norwegians! Read on!

Know the basics

Norwegians are social people and like other Scandinavians, they love to spend time with their beloved ones.

Like their beloved ones only. Restricted to their close family or some very close friends, to the maximum extent.

Their cabins are usually hidden somewhere in the mountains, away from other houses or villages. Or near a river or lake. Even by the sea, at the fjords.

It’s a time to spend some quality time with their folks. Having said that, let’s see what they do during this uniquely Norwegian self-isolation, without further ado.

1. Love for the sun

Sun is something that most Norwegians get in small quantities the whole year-round. So, whenever they find themselves in their cabin and the sun is out, there you go! If you are stuck at home, you can still go outside on your garden or balcony to get a breath of fresh air and some sunlight. Vitamin D is also powerful when it comes to combat infections.

2. Trick or treat? Treat!

They have specific treats to savour during their stay at the hytte. No Easter holiday feels complete without large quantities of Kvikk Lunsj, Norway’s most loved chocolate. Solo soda and oranges are definitely also on the menu. If stuck at home, there is no need to hoard but having your favourite treats for those moments during the day is always a safe bet.

3. Exercise

Although you many relate Easter with spring, Norwegians relate Easter with snow. They love to exercise and do sports, like skiing or cross country skiing. Calories burned, mood boosted. Check! In your case, doing some mild exercise at home, in your garden or balcony, will do you good. Body in shape (especially after the treats you may savour) and in a good mood. Recommended!

4. Book worms

They love reading books. Especially during Easter, reading crime books is an absolute must. It’s the time of the year when most of the new crime books are published. If stuck at home, give your dusty books a shot. Reading books is very de-stressing and can help you get away from the constant social media or TV content consumption. Tried and tested!

5. Game time!

Norwegians love to spend their time indoors playing games and quizzes. It’s for families as well as friends. Make sure you get your board games out of the closet and put them somewhere visible. This way, sooner or later, you will get that WOW moment when you will say “Yeah, let’s play a game and have some fun!”.

Whatever the circumstances, let’s learn from the Norwegians. Spending quality time with your beloved people, family, friends, your spouse or partner, is something we must cherish.

And never forget that nothing is for granted. Keep calm & enjoy life, anyway!

Image: Nikolas Gogstad-Andersen