Easter in the Nordics: a comprehensive video guide

Nothing compares to Christmas or Midsummer in the Nordics. These two occasions are the most beloved and most celebrated ones.


Easter is an underdog. Its strategic placement at the beginning of spring in the Nordics makes it a wonderful opportunity for the Nordic people to start enjoying nature.

Although the weather sometimes resembles winter, that does not deter them from enjoying the outdoors, for example going skiing or visiting their winter cabin.

There is something special about Easter in the Nordics so let’s discover more in this comprehensive video guide.

First things first, have you ever wondered about the origins of the word “Easter”? Well, it may come from the Nordics and traces back to the pagan times.

Find out all the details in this video.

But how do you know if it’s Easter time in the North? There are many signs to notice, including chocolate, mountain holidays in the snow (!), Easter trees (!), books, and a mini-Haloween season.

The Norwegian way is the absolute must when it comes to the Easter celebration. We know the lovely happy Norwegians celebrate uniquely (like their Constitution Day on the 17th of May).

However, it’s also fascinating to find out how they spend their short Easter holidays. Clear and open your mind because Norwegian Easter includes skiing, crime novels, sunbathing and… Sweden Day!

Check out the video for more.

Curious? Fascinated? Whatever the feeling, Nordic Easter is a special celebration, encompassing all the main elements of the Scandinavian culture and lifestyle: nature, togetherness and joy found in the little things in life.

Fancy learning how to wish “Happy Easter” to your Nordic friends? We got you covered. So, be it… Happy Easter!