Is Hygge really from Denmark?

Go google “origin of the word hygge”. It says it is a Norwegian word, that has been borrowed by the Danish language later on. The funny thing is that the Norwegians still use this word but with a more casual meaning. It means something like “pleased”. You can use it when you greet someone like “Pleased to meet you”.

What is even funnier is that the Norwegians after giving this present to the Danes, had to come up with their own word to describe hygge: koselig (close to the English “cozy” but probably no linguistic connection).

So, even though hygge originates from Norway (as a word), it was the Danes who gave it a whole new twist, making it the most distinctive element of the Danish culture. And a world-wide trend, too!

No, there are no hygge cats!
Since the explosion of popularity of the term hygge, a couple of years ago, you can really search for and find anything “hygge” you can imagine. Businesses saw it coming and responded. Just google “hygge [+your favourite whatever thing]” and most probably you will find someone selling that super hygge sweater, sofa, piece of clothing, decoration item, lamp (although there is one and it is proven scientifically) etc.

There are even pet shops selling hygge cats! You know, these fluffy hairy super sweet cats, that you want to cuddle forever, during the winter time. It’s only that hygge cats dont actually exist as “hygge”. Pets in general, however, including cats can contribute significantly to the hygge atmosphere of a gathering with friends and family around the fireplace.

No fireplace at home?
We got you covered. Science has proven that you can get the same feeling simply by watching a YouTube video with a sparkling fireplace, on your television! One of the most popular ones has over 22 million views.