Pyt: is it the new hygge or just another trend from Denmark?

Working at an office in Copenhagen. You will seldom see the Danes get angry over something at work. Usually, they are calm and handle frustrating situations very rationally(although we do not really know what is going on inside them). Often you will hear someone saying “pyt“. No, no, don’t get him wrong. He does not swear his boss in French.

On the contrary, it is a very handy expression to tell others (and yourself) that the unfortunate event that happened does not really matter and that things like that happen. Something like “oh well, nevermind” maybe. It is a way of handling stress and anxiety. Or better get away from them in the first place. This small word, chosen as the Danes’ favourite word in 2018, is becoming a lifestyle concept and is ready to take the world by storm.

But what is”pyt” (pronounced “pid” roughly ) all about? And why is it getting so popular?

Getting over it
Stuff happens. All the time. Life is hard. Mistakesunfortunate eventshassles or frustrating situations. And there are two ways to look at and deal with them. The first one is to get angry and let it get inside you. Zonk! Not recommended. Anger usually brings more anger and loss of focus and energy. The other way is to think positive and cultivate healthy thoughts. “$hit happens” they say.  Get over it and move on.You can either say pyt to yourself for making a mistake or causing a frustrating situation. But you can also direct it to others who may do the same. It’s something like a universal forgiveness and a green light to move ahead.

At its core, it is about taking a step back and resetting your mind and soul to a positive state. Instead of getting lost in the rabbit hole of putting the blame (on yourself, on others, whatever), just “pyt” it. The Danes claim that this way helps them skip anxiety and stress.

A new panic button!

It is of so fundamental importance to let things go when they get wrong or out of control that the pyt concept has been gradually been introduced to more levels of Danish society. Like for example in schools. When a game is over or a healthy competitive exercise is finished, the pupils who did not win are encouraged to take the pyt approach. They do not need to let negative feelings take on them.

There has even been a fancy pyt button sold in the stores. Whenever in frustration, just hit it. It acts like the popular stress balls. Hit the button and let all the swearing go away. Or you can see it from a positive perspective: pyt it and reset your mindset to a positive mode.

Pyt your anxiety away!