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Work in Denmark: 5 myths VS Danish reality

Let’s move to the happiest country in the world! And work in Denmark! This is what many Westerners say when they find a job opportunity in Denmark. Hooray! Well, first, Denmark is the 2nd happiest... Read More  

Happiness & loneliness in Denmark

Happiness is contagious. Right! Have you noticed that when you socialize with positive and happy people, your mood improves and your happiness levels are higher? Togetherness is one of the factors in the happiness... Read More  

3 ways to fight loneliness like they do in Denmark

Denmark, 2019. There is a paradox here. Kind of similar to  Hamlet’s quote “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”. Well, not that rotten but still an issue. Loneliness. The paradox is that on the one hand, they... Read More