Vitamins Or Energy Drinks? Nooo, Try Sisu Instead!

Ask the Finns about sisu and you may get an answer like “If it weren’t for sisu, we would be talking in Russian today”. Although there is nothing wrong with Russian, the Finns say they managed to win the Winter War against the Soviet Union in 1939/40 and remain independent thanks to sisu. Mikka Hakkinen, one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers, claims that sisu helped him win against the odds many times. And the list goes on. But what is sisu? And if it is the key to success, why don’t we all try to embrace it?
Heads down and go for it!
Sisu is untranslatable. There is no English word for it. Even the origin of the word in Finnish makes it hard to define. Its root word means “inner” or “inside”. Back in the 18th century, Finnish bishop Daniel Juslenius described “sisucunda” as the place in the human body where strong emotions come from. This is accurate. Sisu means  “stoic determination, hardiness, courage, bravery, willpower, tenacity and resilience”.


For centuries and especially after Finnish independence, sisu has been the social glue of this Nordic nation. It is a positive thing so why not make it a national pride?There is even a mountain in Antarctica named “Sisu” by famous Finnish explorers Veikka Gustafsson and Patrick Degerman, who first climbed it. Not to mention the famous SISU pastils, that became an instant hit because of their taste but also the name, that is truly embodied in the history of the product, as its makers spent years and years, trying to find the perfect composition and aroma.
Has the Arctic nature made sisu?
Finns say that with sisu they can even “go through a grey rock”. And there are plenty of them in the amazing Finnish nature. They even try to prove that it works by jumping into icy lakesand then right into a hot sauna. It is fun and healthy but needs true guts, right? But sisu is more than a concept. It is foremost a mindset, that is most often associated with nature and self-awareness. So, next time you face a hard time, go to nature, disconnect from anything else, embrace the silence and connect with your inner soul, to gain the strength and determination you need.