Why does Finland top the Good Country Index?

Helsinki, July 2018. World leaders and rivals, Trump and Putin, meet for a historic summit in the Finnish capital. It was the perfect place to host. Finland has a long history of promotingworld peace, order and security. Not to mention that the country has also been changing hands for centuries, between Sweden and Russia, before becoming an independent country. All good! Plus, it is also considered the Happiest Nation on the planet as of 2018. Wow! How come this shy and not so talkative nation, living in a place with long dark frozen winters managed to become not only the happiest but also the “goodest” country in the world? And what does “good”mean for a country?
Sauna and sisu!
The Finns are really proud of them. But Finland is also a nation that helps others. Because at the end of the day, we all live in one world, that is more interconnected and interdependent than ever before. So, contributing to the world’s greater good is an indication of how much value a country puts on cooperation. What is good for one country’s citizens and its neighbours is ultimately good for the whole planet.The Good Country Index takes into consideration a wide range of indexes in seven broad areas. Finland ranks higher in prosperity and equalityplanet and climate, and world order(remember Trump and Putin?). Taking care of the environment and helping other countries to develop can make a huge difference.Investing in education and social policies that promote freedom, tolerance and equality, not only inside the country but also on a global scale, is a clear path to make the world a better place. And Finland takes credits for that!
Friendship never ends… or starts?
What is the one and only international index that Finland takes the very last place? Well, the Finns are good and happy but when it comes to making new friends… They rank last in the world! Really. Surveyed expats ranked the Finns as the most “rational and distant” people in Europe, by far. No-one is perfect, right? But they have Santa Claus and the Northern Lights!