5 Nordic well-being tips for you and your family

Family comes first! Nordic well-being too!

Whatever one calls family. It can be your family at home or your beloved ones you share your life with. Or it can also be your dear colleagues and team at work.

Whatever the case, caring for their well-being is important. We all need to be taken care of.

So whatever your role at home or work, the leader or a younger member, make sure you tick all or at least most of the boxes in this Friday’s “Nordic well-being” checklist!

Your Nordic well-being checklist!

1. motivation. We all have personal and professional goals. From coworkers and team members at work to our parents, partners and children. Understanding their goals, both personal and professional, you can motivate them. Be inclusive and avoid to be judgemental. You need to treat their goals and dreams, along with their hopes and fears, gently, so as to leave space for freedom and self-motivation to kick in. Freedom of choice is one of the most fundamental Nordic values. America may be the country of opportunities but the Nordics are the place of freedom: to choose and live your life however you wish.

2. time-off. We all have to keep an eye on our beloved people’s efforts. Are they too much? Maybe they work too hard and don’t rest enough? It is not just about physical but also psychological fatigue. You must be supportive of their goals but it is also your obligation to ring the alarm whenever you see they risk burning out. Nordic people appreciate and respect time off work and other obligations (like school). They are holiday people!

3. health. Everybody deserves to live a happy and healthy life. Our busy lifestyle sometimes takes us off track. We ignore our health. It is not only about time off, breaks and holidays. It is also about having an active lifestyle. Spending time outdoors like the Norwegians or encouraging your folks to exercise more is crucial for their well-being. Next time there is a birthday, consider a gym membership or a voucher for outdoor activity, as a gift!

The list continues below.

4. living environment. Is your home or office clean, tidy and decluttered? If so, well done. If not, consider it as an investment in your beloved ones or colleagues’ well-being (productivity too). An untidy, dirty and cluttered space makes their brain function the same way. Furthermore, it is the perfect excuse for not taking care of it themselves. Who wants to clean and tidy up a mess? You can follow the famous Swedish “death cleaning” method. Voila!

5. punctuality. Being punctual in our appointments and meetings says a lot. It is a sign of respect to the other people who join but it is also about priorities. Keep an eye on your watch and urge your beloved ones to stick to their schedules. Being on time is the best way to prioritize everything in your life. In order to be on time, you need to decide what is more important to do at any given moment. This also goes to deadlines. Everything in order! Like the Swedes’ love for punctuality!

Have a nice week & take care of your beloved people, at home or work! Starting today!

Image: Christian Roth Christensen / Visitnorway.com