5 ways to cope with stress like a Nordic

They say that the way you respond to an urgent or tough situation tells a lot about you, right?

We believe so. And people in the Nordics certainly know how to deal with crises a little bit better. Although they rarely face such tough times, they indeed seem to be more prepared for when the going gets tough.

Many researchers claim that this is perhaps the reason behind the Nordic countries’ top rankings in happiness indexes like the World Happiness Report.

In any case, let’s share with you some of the most efficient ways to reduce your stress during a difficult time. With a Nordic twist. Read on!

Well, not caring about things is certainly not a way to deal with it. But the following 5 tips can help you out:

1. Write. No, we don’t mean writing a book or something. At least, unless you are an Icelander as stats show that 1 in 10 Icelanders will publish their own book at some point in their life. We mean writing things down. It really helps get the stress off your body. It has a cathartic power and can help you put down all the bad thoughts and emotions. So, next time you are down or stressed, write everything down on a piece of paper and then scrap it. Together with the paper, all your negative energy will go away.

2. Do It Yourself. It’s nice to assemble IKEA furniture but yeah, we mean doing simpler things like handicrafts. They are easier and cheaper to do. They are quicker to finish. And can have tremendous therapeutic power. Take some paper, cloth or other fabric you have spare, use scissors and glue and let your fantasy go wild. You may come up with something that is really handy or that can be used as a fun thing, like the Danes’ Easter gækkebrev, loosely translated as joking letters.

How to make a Danish gækkebrev

3. Appreciate the stillness. You don’t always have to actively do something to let your stress go. Sometimes, the best cure is to simply go to your window and stay still, watching the view. Whether an urban or a natural environment outside, sitting in silence and be present in the moment, without doing anything can help tremendously. Calm and relax! Tried and tested. The Finns are well known for appreciating silence and stillness. Sometimes, not saying a word, just staring, can be used as a means of communication between Finns. No need to talk all the time, right?

4. Book a timeslot for worrying. With everything that happens around us, from our tiny home to the planet as a whole, it is very easy to get lost inside a rabbit hole of constant news and social media consumption. This way too often causes stress. So, let it go. Schedule specific times when you do things like watching the news or scrolling your feeds. This is a time when you are allowed to worry, which is perfectly normal. But when your scheduled time ends, your worrying should end, too. Stick to that and you will see. A little hygge time can help you with allocating time for yourself and the ones you love the most.

5. Connect with the past. They say that the past should be left behind. Yes, the bad moments in past. But what about the good moments? We really need to cherish them. They can be a wonderful way to let our stress go. Next time you feel super-stressed, just browse your old photo albums from your childhood or school years. Or listen to songs that you used to love listening to when you were small. Reconnecting with our happy past memories can help us get rid of anxiety and stress. Life is good, after all, right?

Life can be good, even during bad times. And it is during those tough times that we appreciate the things that matter the most.

So, take a minute and appreciate all the good things you have in life and let go of all the bad things. Say pyt like the Danes and seize the day.

Image: Susanne Walström/imagebank.sweden.se