5 Ways To Spend A Nordic Weekend

It’s winter. Cold and dark. But they don’t complain. At least a lot!

It is no good whining about the weather in the Nordics. Of course, it is a popular topic of discussion (perhaps one of the most popular ones) but there is no reason to complain about it all the time. The time is long. Many months every year. So, instead of that, people in the Nordics prefer to take advantage of it to get closer. And have a good time too.

You see, many outside people believe that the harsh winter is a dividing element in the Nordics. People don’t get close, it is hard to drive around, needless to say, the freezing cold winds and snow.

But the difficult geography and climate are perhaps one of the factors that have shaped the Nordic culture. A culture of togetherness. Even at -20 C!

Read on to find out 5 ways to spend this winter weekend like they do in the Nordics! *

* some stereotyping included as always

#1. Accept it and take it easy! The Nordic people are known to be realists and pragmatists. They know it’s winter. And winter has always been like that (almost) for the last many centuries or more. They are also effective and efficient. So, instead of crying, they swallow it. It’s dark and cold. They need to spend more (most) time indoors. This can also be fun. And very cozy. Hygge!

#2. Healthy food? Well… Spending so much time indoors means you have more chances of savouring calorie-rich food. From sweets and cookies (like semlor) to more hardcore junk food. Pizza and tacos are so popular in the Nordics. Tacos are even suggested to be named the Norwegians’ national food. Every Friday is taco time!

#3. Drink. Like a lot! Coffee is their favourite warm drink. Finns are the world champions. They drink more coffee than anybody else in the world. Well-done! And they also sleep the most hours. Almost! Coming in 2nd in the world after the Kiwis (New Zealand, duhhh!). Alcohol is also an option they love. But yeah, if it is the weekend and you have not been proactive, the state monopoly liquor stores are closed. So, no chance to find some booze.

#4. Watch winter sports! The Nordic countries are world champions when it comes to them. The reason is obvious. Enough cold and snow to train champions. Add some Finnish sisu too and there you have them! The TV broadcasts all national and international competitions. And the Nordic athletes nail it with dozens of medals every time. What a cool opportunity to take pride in their achievements as nations! Try it!

#5. Let there be (low) light! Despite the fact that winters are dark in the Nordics, people do not usually like to switch on all the lights at home. They prefer low dimmed light or even better, candles! The Danes are the world champions in the consumption of candles. Blame it on the hygge factor! So, go on, turn off some lights and light up some candles to warm up the room vibe.

What do you say? Which ones would you pick to do during this winter weekend?

Image: Niclas Vestefjell/imagebank.sweden.se