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Preservolution: a new concept from the Faroe Islands

North Atlantic. Somewhere between Norway, Iceland and Scotland. 18 rugged islands and their 50.000 people make up the Faroe Islands. A recently discovered gem for tourists and a place of unique beauty and wilderness. “Unspoiled, unexplored, unbelievable” is their motto as a tourist destination. People... Read More  

Freedom reinvented. The example of Norway!

Halden, southeast Norway, near the Swedish borders.  A couple of men are sitting outside, to enjoy the sunny winter day. One of them is playing the guitar. Their friends inside are cooking lunch while... Read More  

That little Finnish sisu inside you

Do you recognize the feeling? You know, feeling your stomach shrink a little bit and strength flowing through your body? Imagine trying to solve a difficult exercise but your first couple of attempts are... Read More