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Freedom reinvented. The example of Norway!

Halden, southeast Norway, near the Swedish borders.  A couple of men are sitting outside, to enjoy the sunny winter day. One of them is playing the guitar. Their friends inside are cooking lunch while... Read More  

That little Finnish sisu inside you

Do you recognize the feeling? You know, feeling your stomach shrink a little bit and strength flowing through your body? Imagine trying to solve a difficult exercise but your first couple of attempts are... Read More  

Your lucky day! Get a bonus grandma!

Imagine this: kids sick at home, they can’t go to school today. Grandparents live far away and can’t help. Parents are frustrated because they don’t know who will sit with the kids at home for the day. Can you relate?... Read More  

Shhhh… It’s all so quiet in the Nordics!

December 22nd. Only two days until Christmas. Streets are crowded with shoppers. Shops are full of people buying their last-minute Christmas presents. Coffee shops are packed. The streets around the city centre are full of... Read More