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Every Norwegian’s dream… cabin!

You know what they say about opinions, right? Everyone has one. Well, the same applies to Norwegians and their dream cabins in nature, called “hytte”. Be it Friday afternoon, Christmas or Easter time, Norwegians... Read More  

5 Ways To Spend A Nordic Weekend

It’s winter. Cold and dark. But they don’t complain. At least a lot! It is no good whining about the weather in the Nordics. Of course, it is a popular topic of discussion (perhaps... Read More  

Finland: the Happiest Country in the World for 2019

Happy International Day of Happiness! Today, we celebrate happiness and the global happiness movement. This Day of Happiness has been introduced back in 2013 and its father is the famous philanthropist, activist, statesman and prominent UN special advisor Jamie Illien. Thumbs up!... Read More